Urbanization and Cultural Landscape is among main educational activities of the II.TED School of Heritage Management. These series of workshops focus on understanding changes and transformations of urban contexts and realities in relation with cultural and environmental values. The Urbanization and Cultural Landscape is an international scientific collaboration mainly between II.TED, Deputy for Cultural Heritage of the Iranian Cultural Heritage Handicraft and Tourism Organisation (since 2018), DIST-Politecnico di Torino, University of Turin and the UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Development and Territory Management.


Urbanization and Cultural Landscape


Economic instability, conflicts, globalization, migrations, climate change, mass tourism, diffusion of technology are rapidly transforming our cities and our living societies. In this scenario, cities are confronting and managing such changes, where culture should play a crucial role. Culture is a main factor to improve capacities which will impact on communities’ development.

This report presents a synthesis of the most relevant contents and results of the “Urbanization and cultural landscape” workshops from 2011 until 2017. Additionally, it aims at contributing to the current debate on our cities’ future.

Lead author and coordination: Siavash Laghai - International Institute on Territorial and Environmental Dynamics

Reviewers and other contributors: Alessio Re, Angioletta Voghera, Frederic Vidal, Gabriele Corsani and Jukka Jokilehto.

You can download the report here

Photo credit: Stairs reaching the surface © Siavash Laghai