Inter-regional workshop on World Heritage and Sustainable Development


The Role of Local Communities

23-24 November 2017 Karachi-Pakistan

Heritage sites are requested to present a comprehensive management plan in order to set out adequate preservation strategies, adopt measures to involve local communities and to stress the role of heritage for sustainable development: to engage the local community in this process, there are various strategies such as raise awareness in the community on territorial meanings, uses, profits, values, interests (both personal and those of the community). There is a clear need to encourage and educate young people, to inform and promote awareness among them through education.

It is recommendable to share best practices in World Heritage management, and to include in the management plan process the entire buffer zone area residents. To create partnerships and collaborations to finance community projects and to foster synergies amongst stakeholders, and finally to define goals that could inspire the community to participate in the processes of the World Heritage management.

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Photo credit: Makli World Heritage Site @ Siavash Laghai