Photo credit: Lisbon pre-revolutionary modern architecture © Siavash Laghai

Photo credit: Lisbon pre-revolutionary modern architecture © Siavash Laghai

Photography and Modern Heritage

Photography, since its beginning, has been a major instrument to document and promote cultural heritage. The Photography and Modern Heritage is a multidisciplinary course and proposes to expand our understanding on the history and practice of photographic methods used to determine the nature and urgency of the recognition and preservation of cultural heritage, in this case modern heritage. Examples from different cities around the world are used as case studies and exercise grounds. This course will combine theory and practice to improve the skills of participants in order to prepare their own photographic essay.

This is an intensive 3 days workshop and practical exercise. Participants will gain skills in photography, photo-essay production, documentation and visual representation of modern heritage. The course introduces participants to advanced technical tools of photography to document modern architecture and landscape for heritage management projects. Participants will be required to develop a project during the workshop, focusing on modern heritage representation. After the workshop, participants should complete their visual project and send it back to their instructor.

Organization and coordination

II.TED School of Heritage Management


Docomomo International

Instituto Superior Tecnico – Lisbon University (pt)


The workshop aims to integrate all interested students and professionals of different levels together.


Lisbon, Portugal


May 2020


3 days



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