Photo credit: Istanbul vivid coastline © Siavash Laghai

Photo credit: Istanbul vivid coastline © Siavash Laghai

Urbanization and Cultural Landscape

The aim of the Urbanization and Cultural Landscape workshops remains focused on understanding changes and transformations of urban contexts and realities in relation with cultural and environmental values. Economic instability, conflicts, globalisation, migrations, climate change, mass tourism, diffusion of technology are rapidly transforming our cities and our living societies. In this scenario, cities are confronting and managing such changes, where culture should play a crucial role. Culture is a main factor to improve capacities which will impact on communities’ development.

The current edition of the Urbanization and Cultural Landscape programme will focus on urban development, participation and sustainability. Additionally, recognising participation procedures (management - planning) and methods in order to maximise the opportunities of public’s participation for urban development in the context of historic cities.

Organization and coordination

II.TED School of Heritage Management


Deputy for Cultural Heritage - Iranian Ministry for Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicraft (ir)

The Interuniversity Department of Regional And Urban Studies and Planning DIST - Polytechnic of Turin (it)

Fondazione Santagata (it)

UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Development and Territory Management (it)


The workshop aims at professionals and post-graduated students in the field of Cultural Heritage management and preservation, conservation of cultural/natural heritage sites and places, architecture, planning and design of urban areas, landscape architecture, environmental design, geography and territorial sciences.


Florence-Torino, Italy


24 October-01 November



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